Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A bit of Eclipse goodness...

As the big day rapidly approaches, I find myself getting back in to the Twi-mood, reading all the blogs, updates and eagerly awaiting any little tidbit I can get my hands on.
Today I was rewarded with some awesome pictures and movie stills and just had to share them with any of you who may not have seen them yet.

So here goes... Victoria...
... still not convinced about the wisdom of replacing Rachell with Bryce. She just doesnt look mean enough. Rachelle has that beautiful feline quality and was exactly how I pictured Victoria in the books. Bad move Summit, bad, bad move!

... ummm, awesome! He looks amazing with his red eyes and gorgeous looks. Can't wait to see Xavier in action!

.. the hair????? What is going on? Yuck, don't like it at all!

... what a little cutie! Looking forward to seeing this character come to life in Eclipse, but most especially in Breaking Dawn.

... pictured her with longer hair, but another character I am looking forward to seeing. Love seeing the tatt on a girl!!!
... aaah, Jane. Would love to see a movie just on the Volturi, love them all!!!

... is that really you under that hideous wig??????????????????????
Oh dear, what were the hair stylists thinking? Seriously??? Is it a competition to see if they can make his wig worse in every movie?

... Courtz, these pics are for you!

beautiful as ever. I adore Elizabeth Reaser!

... hmmm, a little bit Spock... until you see that chest! Wow!!

... thought the scar was okay, but didn't pull her eye and lip down as described in the book. Great character though!

No explanation needed!...
... glad he is out of that God awful Tweed jacket and back in to civvies...

Another bad hair day Carlisle!
Bring back the Twilight hair!!!!

... can't wait for the book!

and for your viewing pleasure...

and a few movie stills...
Story telling around the campfire on a clifftop?


Not sure what this scene is from? The fight maybe, but I thought it was snowing then. Maybe the first meeting with the wolves where they are fight training?

And, of course. The obligatory, meadow scene!

I am very much looking forward to the Twi a thon. This is just a viewing of all three movies over roughly 8 hours, with the conclusion being Eclipse at midnight. Unfortunately it falls on Madisons birthday, but she is very understanding!!
I am tossing up whether to pre-order the Eclipse Movie Companion. Delivery takes forever with Amazon and it is usually in the book stores fairly quickly here. I hope that the soundtrack is released at the same time as the movie too.

Until next time....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eclipse Still

This is (so far) one of my favourite scenes! Riley looks so evil as he emerges from the water... love it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Extended Eclipse Trailer

I am so excited, this film looks AMAZING!!! Have booked in for the Twi A Thon, and can't wait!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

eclipse/new moon on Morning Show Channel 7

This was on the tele this morning, how awesome does Eclipse look????

Got my 2 disc copy of New Moon last night and I am going to watch it right now, while I make the costume for Maddis skating comp!!!! So excited.
Have also (hopefully) booked in for the Eclipse midnight session at Gold Class, fingers crossed for an early release, but at the latest it will be June 30. How many sleeps to go?????????????????

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Wild afternoon in Perth... and Remember Me!

This was the scene over Perth yesterday afternoon. As I had been busy I had not heard the severe weather warnings, so was totally unprepared for this doozy of a thunder storm.
The kids, hubby and I watched in fascination as these amazing clouds in every shade of grey, rolled across the skies like waves on a beach. They twisted and turned and rolled along and then seemed to go right over and away.
Not 10 minutes later, day turned to night and it was at that point I had to leave home to take Maddi to skating. No sooner had we hit the road than the first drops of rain started to fall. I was still unconcerned as we have had no rain in months and i didn't expect more than a few drops! Next thing I knew the rain was falling in sheets across cars and road driven by gusty winds. Thunder roared and lightning lit the sky every few seconds. After several minutes of desperately peering through the windscreen I admitted defeat and pulled over.

My windscreen was fogged and the rain had obliterated all view of the road. Puddles stretched across the roads and trying to drive any further was ridiculous.
Maddi and I waited about 5 minutes and the rain eased enough to head off again. It was all so surreal and I have never experienced anything quite like it.
Later I heard that we had significant hail damage in several areas and unfortunately my Dads car caught the brunt of this. His bonnet, roof and all down the passenger side is now covered in golf ball size dents.
My daughter Jessica had a roof collapse in her back room, but I think myself very fortunate that all my loved ones are safe and well.
On a lighter note, earlier in the day, Mum, Samara and myself went to see Remember Me. I loved it! What a beautiful, sad story. All the actors played their roles magnificently and I clearly remember how my heart stopped when I saw the date written on the chalk board.
Well, off to get some work done. I hope all in Perth and Queensland are safe after the storm and cyclone. It has been a bizarre time with ole Mother Nature...
Keep safe.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eclipse movie trailer

Ok, now I am starting to get excited! It has been so very quiet and with my busy schedule, I haven't had as much Twilight time as usual. But now, with the release of the Eclipse trailer and the soon to be released New Moon DVD, I am excited again! Just realised today that Eclipse will be released in the US on my babys 9th birthday! A double celebration!!!