Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teen Choice Awards

I know I am a little behind the times with this post, but just wanted to share some of these great pics that I found on
Wow, how well did Twilight do, picking up 11 of their 12 nominated awards!!! Of course we all knew they would, but it is nice to see it validated.

I just love how Kristen looks here, check out those legs! If I had legs like that I would be showing them off ALL the time. Her skirt is amazing and those are some killer heels! Great look for her.

Ummm, ok... very nice!

The Cullen boys, how adorable are they????

I just adore Jacksons smile, it lights up his whole face!

The rose between two thorns???? What a very lucky rose!

I haven't posted much lately, been very busy with the shop and family. Have to say a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my Kaitlin who turns 10 today! Love you baby girl!
Well, filming for Eclipse is due to begin any day now, and I am sure there will be loads of rumour, gossip and speculation to read about. I can't wait! As it is a closed set, it should be a more relaxed atmosphere for all the actors, not having to worry about crazed fans and stalkers! Lots of juicy story lines in this book, lets hope they don't cut all the best bits from the script. I plan on reading the book again soon and highlighting all the 'must have' scenes. Is there anything that you think HAS to be in Eclipse? Whats your favourite part of the book?

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silverhartgirl said...

happy birthday to your Kaitlin.
I love the pics.Trying to think of favorite eclipses scene. They have to put in when Bella punches Jacob and breaks her hand.