Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Tidbits

1. Firstly, a big congrats go out to LetterstoTwilight, TwiCrackAddict, and LaurensBite for this

what I wouldn't give to be in these girls shoes! How exciting!!!!

If you are in Perth, you can see it live on on Monday 1st June at 9am, thank goodness it is a public holiday here! If you are on the Eastern States of Australia it will be at 11am.

2. Just a couple more pictures, some of my favourites! This movie looks like it is going to be AMAZING from what I have seen so far!

3. These are on my wishlist. Might have to talk sweetly to A??

These are available from HERE and are good prices.

4. Have more pendant charms, silver charms and crystals to upload on to blog this afternoon as well as Twilight inspired necklaces, fridge magnets and more. Should really be doing that now, but it is Saturday and there is no netball today and it is a long weekend!!

5. Looking for ways to promote m y products to reach a wider audience, any ideas? I was thinking a give away, but need to have more visitors to the blog for that! IDEAS ANYONE?????

6. Ummmm...., thats all for now.

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Rob P Makes me J.I.M.P said...

love your blog sweetie!!

and the pics of rob?!?! ooohhh la la


he he :P