Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Moon Stills

Check out these amazing stills from the New Moon movie that I found over on Wow! Taylor Lautner looks so much more grown up in that shot.

I really like the golden tones of New Moon, more warm somehow. What do you think? I loved the trailer and can't wait until November. I guess with filming of Eclipse beginning in 8 weeks, there will be lots more gossip and photos for us all to keep us occupied!
Gak! I just realised that by the time New Moon comes out I will be a grandmother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ev said...

Hi Jo, what a cool site and OMG a grandmother...I am sure you are younger than me!!

Have you thought about doing a "random" draw on one of the Facebook Twilight sites? or something similar. I still haven't watched the DVD yet as I am not sure I want to 'spoil' my vision I have from the books. Its still in its wrapper from when I bought it weeks ago - my girls hate me for that LOL.