Monday, July 6, 2009

Meeting Gil Birmingham @ Supanova

What an amazingly awesome time my friend Jo, my 2 girls Samara and Courtney and I had at the Perth Supanova convention yesterday.
As we arrived we found out that Gil was doing a talk in the seminar room, so we raced down there but only caught about the last 30 seconds! Bummer!!!! It looked like Gil had sung a song and we missed it. I tried to catch a photo, but mine didn't turn out too good. Luckily Jo managed to catch this one....

Then we wandered around for a while to check out the merchandise. I was disappointed not to find anything new, there was no New Moon stuff except for the poster which I already have. I ended up buying another puzzle, but that was all.
We decided to take the plunge and pay for an autographed pic and a photo. I will upload those later, but Jo caught some shots of Gil signing our pic.

Thats me standing there with the striped hoodie!! I was excited to be so close!!! But we were all very demure and restrained and did not squeel until later. Gil is a lovely guy, very friendly and down to earth. I was surprised by how tall he is and he looks so much younger in real life than he does in Twilight. He has the most amazing smile and an incredibly broad chest!!! I actually got to nestle up against that chest... only for the photo though. Because all 4 of us were in the photo with Gil, we had to squeeze in, what a shame!!!! I promise to get that pic up later today!

We also had our photo taken with some Star Wars characters....

(The gorgeous Jo, me and Courtney)

and had a blast checking out the local wildlife....

We couldn't believe the amount of people who came dressed up as characters (even vampires!) and just plain bizarre outfits! What a sheltered life I have led up until now. Just another way that Twilight has changed my life and opened it up to new and amazing experiences.
We all had an amazing time and it was a little strange to come home and back to reality.
Now I am planning for October and GO3...
A BIG thanks to the gorgeous Jo for all these photos and for sharing my obsession!

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Jaydey17 said...

Hi Jo!
How are you?
I saw your comment on Lauren's Bite saying you were an Aussie so I thought I'd pop in and say hi!
I'm from Brissie!
Anyways, awesome pics!