Friday, July 17, 2009

New Moon still and a little eye candy to end the week!

I'm sorry but I can't remember which wonderful blog posted this gorgeous pic of Rob, but it is one of the blogs shown on my blogroll (over on the right there, see it??)

And this one I found on, my Twilight bible!
Things are a bit quiet on the Twilight saga front. I guess it will remain that way until filming begins for Eclipse, which I think is next month.
So, I was wondering, what are your plans for the release of New Moon? Are you having a big movie night with a group of like minded Twifans? Are you sneaking off from work to go during the day when there are no kids (anyone under 20!!!!)? Having a big party? Heading off to the US for the premiere? (oh how I wish that was me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
What are your plans? I have a few in mind, all pretty lame, but don't forget, I am on the west coast of this humungous country and EVERYTHING ELSE IS ON THE EAST COAST! Except for the gorgeous Gil Birmingham, WA gets a big fat NOTHING!
So, if you have any ideas you can share with me, let me know.

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